Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oprah's Turkey Burger

Last night I made Oprah's favourite turkey burger which she featured on her Summer Favourite Things show a couple of Friday's ago.

Huge disappointment. I followed the recipe, except for the fact that I forgot to buy celery. The burgers fell apart on the grill and made a big mess. I managed to salvage them enough to serve and they were only OK. I used a mango and lime chutney, which was very nice on it's own. Oprah's chef used a pear chutney, but I couldn't find any of that at my local Giant.

I'm glad I gave them a try, but I'll be sticking with my own Garlic Parmesan Turkey Burgers from now on.


Charlotte said...

Hi Cathie - I appreciate your comments about "Oprah's Turkey Burgers" recipe. I look forward to trying your recipe this summer.

natalie said...

my sister and i saw this episode and thought we really needed to try the turkey burger out...hmmm...maybe we'll wait on that! one of my favorite turkey burger recipes that my husband and i make alot are the turkey cacciatore burgers by rachel ray! you can find the recipe on the food network website!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathie: Looked up the Oprah turkey burger recipe and found your comments. With that said, I added 3/4 cup seasoned bread crumbs and an egg and followed the rest of the recipe--stayed together perfectly on the grill and were outstanding! All loved them. They have a very delicate flavor using this recipe. Will try yours also. Made those crazy whopper cookies--they're soooo good. Barbara