Friday, April 18, 2008

Hells Kitchen - Chop up a Chicken

On Tuesdays Hells Kitchen no one messed up the risotto much to my disappointment. In fact, it looked like they actually served some risottos to Gordon's standard. Boo.

The task tonight was to cut up a chicken in eight pieces and do it properly. Ramsay demonstrated. I really hate the camera work in these segments because there is always something blocking the shot and you can't clearly see how he's doing it. I'm sure I'm not alone wishing that you could see that properly, I'd love to see him really demonstrate that.

Needless to say the dinner service was horrible, although less horrible than the last two weeks, and some people actually got their appetisers.

Then everyone started to burn meat, under cook salmon and set the range on fire and Gordon banged his head repeatedly on the counter top and then complained of a headache and then Shut. It. Down.

Can't wait for next week.

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sweetrosie said...

heehee, I think we are a bit behind you in the series, maybe it's a different season you've got? We just watched Dewberry get the chop last night.

Have a brilliant time with your folks.