Friday, July 11, 2008

She did it!!

She did it!! My five year old has been at her first Girl Scout Camp all week, and the theme this year is the Wild West, so of course there were pony rides. This is a girl who has always been petrified of animals and won't even let a kitten come near her, so I was amazed when she got on the pony!

I was volunteering for two days at camp as one of the photo takers. Each camper had her photo taken on a pony and then they made photo frames as a keepsake. Which means that I was lucky enough to be right on the spot when she rode the pony.

She lasted three quarters of the way around and then asked to get off and ran crying to me, but I was thrilled that she even attempted it!


Leah said...

My daughter just got home from camp and she also rode horses for the first time -- what a thrill for her, and for your daughter too. Now they both have something to write about when the teacher says, "write a paragraph about what you did this summer!"

Elle said...

Yay for your daughter! And how wonderful that you got to be there to see it. :)