Friday, June 13, 2008

Tastespotting Is Gone.

Inexplicably has disappeared due to "legal complications" and no one has heard anything or read anything about it!

This is really disappointing to a lot of food bloggers for a lot of reasons. Not only was Tastespotting a fantastic place to discover new blogs and great recipes, it was fun to look at and also had the added bonus of driving traffic to my site when I submitted something and it was accepted.

I really hope that something similar is created so that all the small food bloggers out there (like me!) get a chance to have their hard work seen by a wider audience.


syrie said...

Me too. It's such a disappointment. I hope they publish some kind of explanation other than what's already up there.

We Are Never Full said...

It really is so bizarre. I'm still scratching my head. it's like a good friend just disappeared!

Foodie said...


Please check out our new site: Foodie Fest at

We hope to fill the void left by Tastespotting's absence.

Check us out and spread the news!