Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chipmunk Update...

I recently posted that chipmunks and squirrels were digging up my basil,and I hooked up an ingenious device to scare them away. Chipmunks are not afraid of ribbon!!! They are still digging. Solutions anyone?

ps.Tomorrow I will be blogging my first recipe for Barefoot Bloggers!


Keeneye said...

Red Pepper.

Use ground cayenne pepper on the soil and around the planter that the fresh basil is in. Be careful to water the basil around the edges of the planter so as not to soak the roots with the hot pepper seasoning. Although, that might make for an interesting basil leaf flavor, eh?

Good luck!

Cathie said...

Thank you!! I ran outside and sprinkled that around the minute I read this. I'm going to be monitoring the situation today!!