Monday, February 11, 2008

Brrrrrr.... Grilling....

What's the first thing you think of doing in bracing 29F weather? Why, grilling some burgers of course!! At least that's what my husband is going to be doing tonight on our new grill!! We bit the bullet yesterday and bought a new grill from Costco, because if you shop at Costco you know that if you see it and might even have a vague thought in the back of your head that you might want that thing, you have to buy it on the spot. You can always return it later.

Our old faithfull grill which we bough the day we moved into this house 10 years ago was on its very last legs, not helped by the fact that it had been spray painted brown instead of black, the brown making it look even sadder than it really was.

We bought the grill yesterday and my husband and his friend put it together outside with a 10F windchill. It took them forever, but it eventually got done and then we promptly ran out of gas, so we couldn't even test the grill.

Tonight is the night. We are testing it out no matter what the weather. Isn't it shiny and clean?

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Belleindy said...

Sounds like you gave new meaning to the phrase, "grillin' and chillin'.