Sunday, February 10, 2008

Addicted to Licorice

Last night my 7yr old had his first "away from home" sleepover. It all went very well, but in case I needed to drown my sorrows, my husband brought home from Costco a bag of Lucky Country Aussie Style Soft Black Licorice. I LOVE that stuff, and it's not very common here in America. And just so you know this is definitely not licorice, and these people don't serve food that is remotely Australian.

It's super fattening, so you can't sit down and scarf a whole bag at once (or you shouldn't), but it's a really nice treat for me and a taste of home. The only other place I've been able to get good black licorice is Trader Joe's, they sell the Panda brand.

If you've never eaten good soft black licorice before, you should give it a try!


FashionKitty said...

I get this same stuff but in red. Oh my stars is it delicious. I saw a bag at World Market and I had to make myself not buy it -- or else the whole bag would be toast.

DocChuck said...

I agree with you, Trader Joe's black licorice is the best I have ever had (although I don't care for the cherry [or red] flavor as much).

Ever since a new Trader Joe's recently opened here in Columbia, Maryland, we have "discovered" all kinds of GREAT snacks.

Has anyone tried Trader's peanut butter-filled pretzels? WOW!

rhid said...

I'm not sure if you have a world market where you are, but they sell Darrell Lea licorice... Yum!
I can't find licorice bullets though

Cathie said...

I love Darrel Lea!! And I especially love Choc. Bullets. I used to eat them all the time when I was a kid!

Mrs Doc Chuck said...

Sadly, my husband has lost or broken most of his teeth after years of performing self-dentistry. He uses the long hollow licorice tubes as replacements for straws (he long ago lost the lid to his favortie sippy-cup). This way he can enjoy the flavor without further damaging his remaining molar.

I prefer the artificial strawberry kind, myself. They taste like Chapstick.