Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Induction Cooking... I am, are you?

I just got a Samsung Range Induction yesterday. I love it already. It makes a weird buzzing noise when you cook, but that is something that you can definitely get used to.

Here's a brief description of Induction Cooking:

How Induction Cooking Works:

The element's electronics power a coil (the red lines) that produces a high-frequency electromagnetic field (represented by the orange lines).That field penetrates the metal of the ferrous (magnetic-material) cooking vessel and sets up a circulating electric current, which generates heat. The heat generated in the cooking vessel is transferred to the vessel's contents.Nothing outside the vessel is affected by the field--as soon as the vessel is removed from the element, or the element turned off, heat generation stops.

So only the elements are induction, the oven is convection, huge with 3 racks. I was set on a double oven, but I gave that up to have the induction burners.  You can only use stainless steel pots or cast iron, so I have had to get some new pots and pans and some saute pans, but other than that, it's been fantastic. I made a Seafood Risotto tonight for dinner, and the response on the burners is amazing. There is so much control!!  I'm very excited. So excited in fact that I totally forgot to take a photo of dinner, and now it's all gone.

I think induction is going to be the new wave of stoves. It's energy efficient, and just like cooking with gas, and you get a nice flat glass stove top, which looks sleek and fabulous.

I haven't tried the oven yet, and I'm dying to bake some cookies with the convection oven, but that won't be happening until I get full use of my calf back and I can do all the cardio and running that I want.

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Marc said...

The stove is very cool -- water boils quickly!